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For Generations coconut oil has been used by women of colour around the world, especially in tropical areas, to treat their hair and skin as well as in their cooking. It is one of my staples and I always have some coconut oil. It smells great and has a number of wonderful properties needed for hair, skin and overall body health.

1.  Coconut oil is one of the most penetrative oils, it deeply penetrates the hair shaft ( and skin) to ensure that moisture is retained and reduces essential protein loss.

2. The lauric acid contained in coconut oil acts as an antimicrobial which reduces causes of hair loss that are attributed to microbes penetrating the hair shaft.

3. Coconut oil contains a natural SPF of 7-8. So instead of opting for sunscreen, this makes for a great an all-natural alternative to sunscreens especially for people with darker skins who have higher tolerance to the sun.

4. It makes for an excellent cooking oil, it increases heart health, boosts your immune system and your metabolism.

5. When massaged into the scalp it diminishes dandruff and cure you of an itchy scalp just after a few months of usage.

Although coconut oil has various benefits, your hair may be protein sensitive and too much coconut oil may actually dry it out. Take time to understand your hair texture, if you feel like coconut oil is drying to your hair opt for avocado oil or olive oil (they are both very penetrative).

When shopping for coconut oil, to get the most out this oil, make sure that the label says that it is 100% pure and cold pressed, this ensures that all the you can benefit from all the nutrients.