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  • Hydro-Protective Hair Mist

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  • We’re going on our first live! Tonight we’re launching a very special digital series via  our IG live, called “At Home Wellness with Suki Suki & Friends”. This series has been designed to soothe, comfort and bring some support to our community during the lockdown. We are partnering with some great women in SA to share meditation techniques, yoga practices, business and beauty advice.

Not wanting to sell anything to anyone, we were simply looking for ways to be of comfort to our community.

To debut this series, our founder, Linda (@oquelinda), will be taking us through her skincare routine and sharing the products and methods she uses to keep her skin looking fresh and glowing. Please submit your skincare questions via our IG stories and she’ll do her best to answer them all during the live.

See you tonight at 18h00 SAST 🤍✨
Check out our stories for upcoming events in this series.
PS: A natural haircare live has also been scheduled ✨
  • Dreaming of travel and the time beautiful @rayarosssi took us to Namibia ✨
  • in the darkest times i've seen us become our brightest. standing on balconies and singing to the empty streets below us. we manage to crack jokes in the saddest times. put the vulnerable before us. dance in hospitals to keep ourselves going. risk our bodies to heal the sick. sometimes. it takes a crisis to remember our lives depend on each other. we will end up nowehere if we try to go it alone. and while people are losing each other. people are saving each other. people are also getting to work. as the world wakes to uncertainty. canvases that sat collecting dust for the past five years are finally being stretched. books are being written. inventions are falling into little heads everywhere cause there is nothing better to do with this time. than be useful. and i can't think of a more beautiful way to pull ourselves together. i don't think there's a more human way to survive - @rupikaur_

We will be closed until 17 April. All orders received from now on our online store will be dispatched on 17 April. You can still shop our products in selected @wellnesswarehouse stores. Be safe, be strong and take care ✨💞 image via @tinycactus
  • We can relate. Stay home. Stay safe 🍊✨via @rekopaper
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  • A small reminder that art and poetry are always needed, especially rn. Check out our stories for a note from our founder for being well and feeling good ✨🍊image via @gabbois
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  • Self-love comes first. We hope you had a lovely Women’s Day ✨💞 #iwd2020
  • Did you mist me? 💦 ✨
See what we did there. Our Hydro-Protective Hair Mist for curls, coils and protective hairstyles is back, bigger and better than ever, in its new non-breakable aluminium bottle. Now available on our online store #hydroprotectivehairmist