I ordered your Marshmallow Root Shampoo and Mango Butter for my daughter's hair last week. Today I took the twists out and her hair was incredibly soft, much more so than with other products. And they smell amazing.


Verdict on the shampoo: awesome! Detangling was literally a breeze, by the time conditioner hit my hair it felt like BUTTER. My hair is so soft and shiny, my twists are juicy. I was pleasantly surprised because as it foamed up, it defined my coils. Also I detect a peppermint/lavender scent which my scalp loves. All in all clean, moisturised, and shiny hair. My scalp and hair are happy. Thank you!


I must tell you I absolutely love the marshmallow root shampoo bar. I am trying to use more natural products and I love the fact the bar only contains natural ingredients and both shampoos and conditions.


The Miraculous Oil nourishes the hair and minimizes breakage. Good product for quick hair growth.


I have oily hair so I only used the Miraculous Oil as a pre-wash treatment. Applied to the scalp area and mixed in with coconut oil for the length of my hair. Left overnight and washed the product out the next day. It left my hair shiny and tangle-free.


Love love LOVE the Whipped Shea Crème. It has great texture and smell. It worked beautifully for my skin and hair (type 4b)


SOFT & SILKY – Just a couple of tiny drops works very well, after the first time I used the Miraculous Oil, my hair was shinier and much softer

Sylvia (16 Feb 2015)


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  • Papaya is rich in papain enzyme which gently exfoliates the skin to reveal newer and fresher skin. Find it in our Papaya Rose Hydrating Mist
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  • The last, but not the least of our haircare heroes is our rich and nourishing mango butter. Our mango butter is a blend of 4 butters, softening mango butter, cacao butter for elasticity, penetrating avocado butter and moisture-sealing shea butter. Great for both dry skin and dry hair!
  • The Miraculous Oil has been a natural hair signature product and our best seller since 2014 thanks to its hair health and growth promoting qualities for all hair types. We believed that despite its success, its formulation could be improved by adding healing botanicals like Kalahari Melon Seed Oil for moisture, Marula Oil for protection and moisture retention and Baobab Oil for hair growth. We hope you love it even more.✨